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Exclusive interview excerpt from our interview with Andrés Arboleda, Co-Founder and Director General of Privé Jets and Go2Jets

Q: In light of Go2Jets and Privé Jet’s high safety standards, how many Mexican companies does it have business relationships with?

A: At this point Go2Jets works exclusively with Redwings, but Privé Jets works with 60% of Mexico’s private jet enterprises as the two companies address different market areas. The latter company has fewer restrictions, and does not demand US$100 million insurances or double audits. However, Privé Jets does have broader requirements than those that can be met by most of Mexico’s enterprises, which limits our participation to a little over half of the total supply. This has led us to become segment leaders in Mexico. Furthermore, we are very cautious when choosing destinations to service, keeping the safety of each track and airport in mind.

The private jet market is not very broad in Mexico, and new clients rarely come into play. For the most part, those who are part of the Mexican upper social class will remain long-term clients. In fact, the whole market demand consists of 200 families and around 1,000 companies. Although those numbers are subpar if compared to the US or Europe, Mexico remains by far the leading private aviation market in Latin America, followed by Brazil.

Q: How does Privé Jets encourage clients to acquire new certifications and increase their standards?

A: The stagnant local market calls for new opportunities and business streams. Targeting larger companies with higher standards is the only way to increase their local customer base. As a result, understanding the context in which operations work with is essential. The US is the largest private aviation market, and competing within it is totally dependent on certifications and the standards that companies manage.

Q: It is not uncommon for Privé Jets to personalize its customers’ experience. What is the most popular service requested?

A: We are the only company in the world that covers the yacht, private aviation, and travel agency experience. That is to say, one phone call gives clients access to a broad range of services of the highest quality. We are serving some of the wealthiest people in the world, and the recommendations that we put forward must meet their expectations. Our employees are required to travel around the world for at least four weeks every year. In return, they have a real understanding of the hotels and tours that are under promotion and can offer personal experience as a basis to comprehend our clients’ needs.

Privé Jets also supplies vehicles for war zones, humanitarian aid, and air ambulance services, though Go2Jets is only equipped for executive aviation. We were one of the few companies that aided the Cabo San Lucas community during its last hurricane, rescuing people and taking them out of harm’s way. After Haiti’s devastating earthquake, Privé Jets supported the cause with three to four daily trips. In fact, we were the first charter flight to reach the area.


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