After Mexico City International Airport (AICM) denounced the Federal Economic Competition Commission’s (COFECE) measures concerning changes in slots, Aeroméxico and Delta Airlines followed similar steps by filing a federal protective action.

According to El Universal, COFECE reassigned slots at AICM due to the airport’s many flight delays. This was not well-received by airlines, which were also suffering from other penalties as changes in the Mexican aviation law now forces them to compensate passengers for delays within 90 days.

The First Chamber of the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, which specializes in telecommunications and economic competition, admitted the airline’s appeal on July 26, 2017. The chamber might take from six to twelve months to pass a resolution.

After the appeal, COFECE had a press release with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) asking Mexican authorities to implement measures to reach Mexico’s airport infrastructure full potential, especially at AICM. In an annex, COFECE explains that “the removal of 10 percent of airline’s slots in saturated airports fulfills the 85/15 criteria of slot use, allowing airlines to maintain their takeoff and landing schedules following historical priority. These criteria follow IATA’s guidelines for international practice and are normative elements referred to in Article 99 of the Regulations of Airport Law established on February 17, 2000.” Also, the annex states that measures ordered by COFECE are based in Mexican law.

Airports are asking to make clear and transparent the use of slots and to follow international planning calendars.

This issue will continue as all involved parties wait for a judicial response. If federal protection is granted to the airport and these two airlines, it is likely that all other airlines will request it making the new rules for Mexican aviation ineffective.


Souce: Viajar a Londres


Sources: COFECE and El Universal.


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