2017 was a great year for the Mexican aviation industry, as airlines transported 89.6 million passengers (a 10.3 percent growth compared to 2016). Passenger air traffic in the country has grown almost 70 percent in the last decade and airlines achieved an accelerated growth for three years in a row.

The Mexican aviation industry was somewhat shaken by the notification of Mexico’s economic competition authority COFECE about a possible involvement in monopolistic practices. Aeroméxico, Volaris and Interjet argue that those events took place during the last decade, so they disagree with COFECE’s potential sanctions.

On international news, as the week developed expectancy grew on the US International Trade Commission (USITC) ruling on imposing tariffs to Bombardier’s CSeries jets. Boeing claimed these jets were illegally subsidized by the Canadian government and would harm Boeing’s 737 program. In response, Bombardier asked USITC to consider Embraer’s E190 E-2 into the dispute as a competitor to the B-737 program in the 100-150-seat segment as the Brazilian aircraft outperformed expectations in a flight test. USITC denied the Canadian manufacturer’s request to entangle Embraer in the dispute.

Meanwhile, Boeing attempts to strike a deal and combine its business with Embraer’s but faces resistance on behalf of the Brazilian government and air forces, which own a part of Embraer and want to prevent Boeing from taking over.

On Friday, USITC rebuffed Boeing’s claims by ruling imports of CSeries jets will not hurt US companies or jobs.



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