For the second largest airport in construction and projected third largest airport in the world, NAIM is still a cheaper option than President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s proposal to operate both AICM and an enhanced Santa Lucia airfield. According to a series of studies developed and published by the Mexican College of Civil Engineers (CICM), having two airports operating simultaneously would be more expensive. Not only would it be necessary to build more infrastructure in Santa Lucia, but also to pay for the cancellation of NAIM and renew AICM.

The last norm published by DGAC that bans off-duty pilots from travelling in the cockpit was received with protest by the Mexican Commercial Pilots’ Union (ASPA). According to the union, this work benefit often enables crewmembers to transport themselves from their place of residence to their workplace and is a common practice worldwide. ASPA also called for a strike against Aeroméxico on the claim that the dismissal of the AM2431 pilots violated the union’s collective contract with the carrier.

In the second installment of Mexico Aviation and Aerospace Review’s An Overview of Aviation and Aerospace in the Peña Nieto Administration, the stance of key players of the Mexican aviation industry on President Peña Nieto’s flagship infrastructure is presented. Check out how advanced the construction is!

The Bajio region and Chihuahua remain attractive for aerospace component manufacturers to set up shop despite NAFTA-related uncertainty and other challenges that the sector faces. Check out what Luis Lara, Chairman of the Board and CEO for shelter American Industries, has to say about the support that shelters can offer foreign investors in MAAR’s Interview of the Week.

The sky is clear and we’re cleared for take-off. Here’s your weekly dose of aviation and aerospace.

NAIM, the Least Expensive Airport Option

Having an aerial terminal in the Santa Lucia base would be 66 percent more expensive than NAIM.

The costs of operating simultaneously an airport in Santa Lucia and AICM would amount to MX$193.1 billion.

Costs of developing NAIM could be reduced by nine percent, according to CICM’s expert ruling.

AM2431 Prompts Regulatory Changes

The Mexican Commercial Pilots’ Union (ASPA) will defend the pilots onboard the AM2431 flight. The union underlined that Aeroméxico did not follow the law in this dismissal.

Following the AM2431 accident, DGAC published a new norm that prohibits airlines to transport pilots in the cockpit’s jumpseat as a work benefit.

ASPA also called a strike to start on October 1 against Aeroméxico. The union demands that crewmembers can travel in the cockpit’s jumpseat.

Orders, Deliveries and Cancellations

In August, Airbus delivered 54 aircraft and took orders for five new aircraft.

Safran Engines tripled its deliveries of LEAP powertrains during 1H18.

Interjet will phase out some Sukhoi SSJ100S and take 20 more Airbus A320neos part of its fleet restructuration strategy.

Interjet takes delivery of a new Airbus A321neo that will enable the company to increase its participation in the international passenger segment.

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