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The New Airport of Mexico’s (NAIM) cancellation continues to hog the spotlight in Mexico. The President-elect visited the military base that will be the airport’s new home but the move continues to raise concerns in private investors, developers, current workers in Texcoco and Santa Lucia.

In international news, a Boeing 757 crash landed in Guyana with six people injured and an Airbus A330-800 took its first flight. Canadian Bombardier is in trouble again and will cut 5,000 jobs and sell US$900 million in assets.

Mexico Aviation and Aerospace Review spoke to Rene Espinosa, President of the Chihuahua Aerospace Cluster, about the aerocluster’s strategies to attract suppliers and promote the development of local companies.

Now dive into last week’s highlights:



Mexico’s President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) visited Santa Lucia military base where he plans the construction of two new landing strips after the cancellation of NAIM.

This decision caused concern among private investors and Texcoco’s current 45,000-strong workforce.

Meanwhile, inhabitants of 15 municipalities surrounding Santa Lucia military base are protesting AMLO’s decision, claiming that moving the airport will cause a negative environmental impact on the region.



Bombardier is facing its lowest point since 2015. The OEM will cut 5,000 jobs and sell its Q Series and Havilland lines for US$900 million.

Airbus A330-800, the smallest of the A330neo family, successfully completed its first flight.

After the Indonesian air crash that took the life of 189 individuals, Boeing, which manufactured the fallen aircraft, issued a worldwide warning of possible malfunctioning software for all Boeing 737.

A Fly Jamaica airplane heading towards Toronto crashed after an emergency turnaround to Guyana. The accident involved a Boeing 757 and left six people injured.

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