The week could have come to a rough start for Aeroméxico as a pilot’s strike was scheduled to start in the early hours of Monday 1. Hours earlier, pilots’ union ASPA rejected the carrier’s salary proposal, calling it unsatisfactory. However, a delay to continue negotiations was agreed upon and the strike was eventually called off as the representatives of the union reached a salary increase agreement with Aeroméxico.

In other news, the future of NAIM continues to be unclear. This week, ALTA highlighted that NAIM would enable Mexican aviation to double its GDP contribution to 6 percent over the next decade. Similarly, Carlos Joaquín, Governor of the State of Quintana Roo, said NAIM would allow the Cozumel and Chetumal airports to make more flights. The transition team of President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced that the methodology to conduct the consultation will be announced next week.

Why is Boeing developing a twin-aisle widebody if jumbos are being phased out? Find out here.

International Cooperation oriented to the space industry coupled with the strengths of Mexican talent can add to the country’s satellite production. Find out what Francisco Mendieta, Director General of the Mexican Space Agency has to say about it in the Interview of the Week.

Pilots’ Union and Flagship Carrier Reach Deal

ASPA considered the salary increase proposed by Aeroméxico unsatisfactory and rejected it on Sunday night. But on Monday October 1, the scheduled strike was delayed to continue negotiations. Andrés Conesa, Director of Aeroméxico, said modifying the contract of recently-hired pilots would put Mexico’s flagship carrier on the brink of bankruptcy as happened with Mexicana. Former Mexicana workers contradicted him stating that the now-defunct airline went bankrupt because of mismanagement rather than salary increases.

The pilots’ strike was finally called off in the early hours of Wednesday 3 October as Aeroméxico and ASPA reached an agreement on wage increases and contract conditions.

The Eternal NAIM Ordeal

According to Carlos Joaquín, Governor of Quintana Roo, NAIM will allow the Chetumal and Cozumel airports to take more flights.

ALTA highlighted that NAIM will double the GDP contribution of Mexican aviation over the next decade.

The methodology to be used in the NAIM public consultation will be defined in the next week, according to Javier Jiménez Espriú, incoming Minister of Communications and Transport.

SSJ100 for Interjet by SuperJet International. CC BY-SA 2.0

Mexican Aviation Thrust

Sukhoi has offered SSJ100 upgrades to Interjet to persuade the airline to retain its Sukhoi fleet.

Volaris increased its passenger traffic in September by 17 percent.

GAP also reported a 12.7-percent increase in passenger traffic going through its terminals. Similarly, ASUR increased its passenger by 8.3 percent.

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