Mexico’s aviation and aerospace industry performed a flyover of Election Day without major turbulence. Now that Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has been elected, CANAERO has vowed to work with his team to develop an agenda that supports the growth of Mexican aviation. Two Mexican low-cost airlines and AICM reported a positive passenger traffic growth.

In global aerospace news, Airbus and Boeing took over part of the two largest small aircraft manufacturers. At the same time, European turboprop manufacturer ATR Aircraft and Russian commercial jet OEM Sukhoi reported good expectations for the global aircraft market and positive sales forecasts. Similarly, NASA’s noise-cancelling technology was tested with promising results and Airbus completed a satellite to study exoplanets.

The sky is clear and we’re cleared for take-off. Here’s your weekly dose of aviation and aerospace.


VivaAerobus will have a new flight crew training center in Monterrey thanks to a partnership with Avenger Flight Group. The low-cost carrier also opened a new Morelia-Tijuana route.

Volaris increased its passenger traffic by 14 percent in June.

CANAERO looks forward to working with Mexico’s next president AMLO to develop an agenda that supports the development of the Mexican aviation industry. The President-Elect vowed not to suspend the construction of NAIM immediately but to study contracts.

AICM passenger traffic increased 5.7 percent inter annum in 1H18 to 22.9 million passengers.


Airbus added Bombardier’s CS100 and CS300 to its lineup following an agreement for the European OEM to take over Bombardier’s CS program. In June, Airbus registered sales for 100 aircraft and delivered another 80.

Boeing takes over Embraer’s commercial aircraft and services operations, which could make Boeing the leader in the small aircraft sector.

Cheops. Copyright Airbus.


NASA’s Acoustic Research Program technology was found to reduce approaching aircraft noise by 70 percent.

Airbus finishes integrating the CHaracterising ExOPlanets Satellite (CHEOPS), which will study planets orbiting neighbor stars.


ATR Aircraft predicts 80 percent growth in turboprop fleet by 2037 to 4,060 aircraft.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft predicts sales of 345 Superjet 100s including the 75-seater version up to 2030.

Airbus and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs partner up to promote universal access to space through microgravity experiments.

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