The public consultation that is posed to define the future of NAIM will take place between Oct. 25 and 28 in 570 cities. According to polls conducted by Consulta Mitofsky, Mexican citizens are losing interest in the consultation that will decide whether NAIM will be built in Texcoco or a two-airport solution will be employed to alleviate AICM’s saturation. However, poll respondents favor building NAIM. Oblivious to political debates, the construction of NAIM continues and GACM highlighted that the project is days away from entering a stage of accelerated progress. Regardless of the consultation’s result, the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) will invest in the modernization AICM and the Toluca International Airport (AIT), said Javier Jiménez Espriú, the next head of Mexico’s Ministry of Communications and Transport.

In other news, Queretaro remains an attractive destination for aerospace FDI. Safran Group, which has seven manufacturing plants in the state, plans to put in place a new strategy to integrate more local SMEs into its supplier base. At the same time, Mexican FBO and MRO plans to open a new hangar in AIT and Queretaro’s aerospace industry forecasts a double-digit growth for 2018.

Check out what César Fragozo, Sectorial Director of the Aerospace Unit at ProMéxico, has to say about the resilience of the Mexican aerospace industry in The Interview of the Week.

Mexico City Airport by Heather. CC BY 2.0

Toward NAIM Public Consultation

OECD underlined that the calls for tenders of NAIM must continue or the project’s costs and times will skyrocket. CANAERO demands that the NAIM public consultation is carried out among aeronautics experts instead of society in general. Mexico’s private sector is willing to cover the costs of NAIM inasmuch as it stays in Texcoco.

Administration of President-Elect AMLO plans to invest MX$5 billion in the modernization of AICM and AIT.

According to a poll conducted by Consulta Mitofsky, Mexico’s citizenship is losing interest in the public consultation but participants favor keeping NAIM in Texcoco. Details of the NAIM public consultation are out. It will be carried out in 570 cities between Oct. 25 and 28.

Construction of NAIM is days away from entering a “boom” stage following the installation of a metallic structure in its central section.

 Mexican Aviation Thrust

Clients of Eva Air, Lufthansa and Japan Airlines will now have access to the 55 destinations of Interjet’s network.

OMA increased the passenger traffic of its terminals by 15 percent in September.

 Queretaro’s Aerospace Strength

Safran has launched a new linkage plan to bring SMEs in Queretaro into its supply chain as it plans to start a new growth stage.

The Queretaro aerospace industry forecasts a double-digit growth for 2018. The needs of suppliers in the state will be worth US$28.2 million by the end of the year.

Redwings has started the construction of a new hangar in AIQ. It is the second phase of the company’s investment in the state.

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