This week, the Mexican government saw critical progress that could make the Santa Lucia airport the definite ´It´. Meanwhile, there are new twists and turns that have been shining a light on the intricacies of this power struggle maze.

The Boeing 737 Max is taking gradual steps toward its return but the manufacturer is now haunted by new worrying revelations about another plane model.

In the aerospace industry, new steps are being taken although the bureaucratic apparatus needs a firm axe to remove some of obstacles that remain in the way.

Ready for take-off? Here’s your weekly roundup!

Santa Lucia Project

A magistrate involved in amparos against the construction of the Santa Lucia airport has been suspended over corruption suspicions. The judge is reported to have a multimillion-dollar home on Paseos del Pedregal in Mexico City, which was purchased in cash under a different name.

A federal judge has revoked another suspension that blocked the Santa Lucia airport project. It is expected this will open the way to revoke all suspensions.

AMLO states that the entire Santa Lucia project will be transparent at every phase.

Aerospace Investments and Contracts in Mexico

The available contracts for suppliers in the aerospace industry are estimated at US$34 million this year. So far, only US$1.9 million worth of contracts has been awarded due to issues in requests for quotation procedures and compliance with quality standards.

Global manufacturer of carbon, advanced ceramics and composites products, Morgan Advanced Materials, has announced it will invest US$10 million in a production center in San Juan del Rio, Querétaro. It is expected to generate 450 high-skilled jobs in the aerospace industry.

Boeing 737 Max and 737 NG

American Airlines has announced it will restart flights with the Boeing 737 Max in January. It is expected that Boeing will file its certification package to the FAA by the end of this year.

After the FAA ordered airlines to do emergency checks for cracks in Boeing 737 NG airplanes, several airlines grounded their planes.

In 3Q19, Delta Airlines reported increases in its passenger volume and revenue as consumer confidence goes up and other airlines are affected by the Boeing 737 Max groundings.

Under the Spotlight

German travel group TUI has said it will not go down the same path as Thomas Cook, pointing to a strong business model and diversification from the portfolio of a traditional travel agency.

Avianca has been granted a loan of US$250 million from United and Kingslad Holdings. The loan is stretched over four years at an interest rate of 3 percent. However, the interest rate will only be capitalized at a mature stage (expected to be 2023) to give the company more flexibility.

New Flights to Mexico

The approval of a daily Emirates flight between Dubai and Mexico City via Barcelona has been blocked by an amparo granted to Aeromexico. Emirates plans to appeal the move.

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