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The aerospace industry met at the 53rd edition of the Paris Air Show, the largest event in the industry. Airbus started the week strong with an order for over 100 aircraft and kept a strong momentum finishing with almost 600 orders. Boeing fell behind Airbus in total orders and was forced to delay the launch of its 777X jet, which was planned to occur at the event.

Boeing’s 737 Max crisis still hogs the spotlight. This week, pilot Sully Sullenberg told a congressional committee that he understood how 737 Max pilots may have run out of time to correct the plane’s course.


Don’t miss last week’s highlights:

Boeing released its Commercial Market Outlook 2019-2038, predicting 44,040 deliveries over the next 20 years.

Volaris will offer US$1 flights to Central American migrants living in Guadalajara, Mexico City, Tijuana or Ciudad Juarez that want to return to their home country.

Chesley “Sully” Sullenberg, who safely landed the Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River and is credited for saving 155 lives, told a congressional committee that he understood how Boeing 737 Max 8 pilots could have “run out of time.” The crash of two 737 Max 8 in five months, in which 346 people died, put Boeing under the scrutiny of aviation authorities.


Paris Air Show

Airbus had a great week at the Paris Air Show. It started the week with 114 orders in the first morning of the event and launched its long-range A321.

Boeing was not to be left behind. International Airlines Group (IAG) sent the US OEM a letter of intent for the acquisition of 200 aircraft. However, Airbus objected to the deal and plans to challenge it.

At the end of the show, Airbus came out as the winner with almost 600 orders, letters of intent and memorandums of understanding, compared to Boeing’s 234.

Boeing delayed the launch of its 777X jet as its engine manufacturer, GE Aviation, reported wear in an engine part that will require redesign and testing.

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