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This week, a new potential risk was found on the 737 Max, which hurt Boeing’s stock and may delay the airplane’s return to service. Some US airlines have cancelled flights using the airplane for September and October. Later in the week, Boeing announced it expects to have a fix for the new issue by September.

In other news, IATA reported smaller profits for airlines worldwide and Bombardier sold its regional jet division to Mitsubishi. In Mexico, construction of the Mayan Train may force the Merida International Airport to move. Meanwhile, Nuevo Leon’s government announced development plans with Airbus.


Don’t miss last week’s highlights:

Merida International Airport might be moved to match the Mayan Train route.

The expansion of Mexico City International Airport’s (AICM) second terminal is expected to end by late 2019.

Airbus plans to invest in Nuevo Leon’s aerospace industry according to the state Undersecretary of Investment and Industrial Development.

IATA reported smaller profits for airlines worldwide in 1Q19.

Bombardier abandons commercial aviation sector and sells its regional jet division to Mitsubishi for US$550 million.


Boeing 737 Max crisis

Boeing’s 737 Max crisis continues as a new safety issue with the airplane was discovered during simulation tests. This flaw could push the airplane’s nose downward.

The news of the potential risk caused Boeing’s share to drop as it may further delay the airplane’s return to the skies.

Boeing plans to fix the problem by September, which may place the airplane’s return to service no earlier than October.

The 737 Max has been grounded since March after two fatal crashes in a five-month period. While initial estimates predicted that the plane would fly by mid-2019, some airlines are canceling planned flights using the 737 Max until September and October.

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