Mexico’s Minister of Communications and Transport lowered the cost of NAIM’s cancellation to MX$75.2 billion (US$3.8 billion), a significant reduction from previous estimates. President López Obrador stated that all contracts for NAIM had been paid in full. Interjet reported 14 new alliances with international airlines and Avianca’s CEO stated the airline’s troubles will not affect its routes to Mexico.

Guanajuato. Image by Israel Trejo from Pixabay

The feud between Aeroméxico and Emirates continues. At the beginning of the month, Mexico’s flagship airline stated that Emirates’ permits were against the rules. However, a local judge ruled out Aeroméxico’s claims. Emirates later lamented the Mexican airline was creating a misinformation campaign.

Now, jump into last week’s highlights:

Aerospace and automotive industries may have a new cluster in the Bajio thanks to alliances between Mexican and German companies, said the Governor of Guanajuato.  

Avianca’s CEO Anko Van Der Werff stated the airline’s economic issues will not affect its routes to Mexico.

Interjet reported 14 new commercial alliances with international airlines in 2Q19. Some examples include Alitalia and Qatar Airlines.

A judge tossed Aeroméxico’s lawsuit to stop the entrance of Emirates to Mexico.

Emirates’ President, Tim Clark, accused Aeroméxico of creating a misinformation campaign to deprive Mexicans of competitive alternatives. In response, Aeroméxico published a press release stating that it was not afraid of competition.

Minister of Communications and Transport Javier Jiménez Espriú estimated NAIM’s cancelation costs at MX$75.2 billion (US$3.8 billion). The government had previously stated the cost would be of MX$100 billion (US$5 billion), while analysts had estimated the cost would be between MX$120 billion (US$6 billion) and MX$270 billion (US$13.5 billion).

President López Obrador said on Wednesday that all contracts for the construction of NAIM had been paid in full.

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