In Mexico, trouble hounds the construction of Santa Lucia International Airport as a state judge cancelled the airport’s environmental permits. Airport group ASUR was fined by COFECE for monopolistic practices and AICM announced it would reduce the down payment for the expansion of Terminal 2 and speed up its tender. In aerospace news, FEMIA reported the sector has grown at a double-digit rate for the past 25 years.

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In international news, debris from the explosion of an Airbus A380 engine may lead to urgent checks of dozens of airplanes across the world. While the accident occurred in 2017, the debris was just recovered last week. For Boeing’s suppliers, the night is darkest just before the dawn. Global groundings of the 737 Max forced the planemaker to cut the number of aircraft it produced per month to 42 in April, which caused trouble and economic losses to its suppliers. However, Boeing recently reported that it plans to return to its former production rate by February 2020.

Now, jump into last week’s highlights:

An investigation on the explosion of an Airbus A380 engine in 2017 may lead to a revision of dozens of planes.

Pilots with less than a year of experience will test the new software for the Boeing 737 MAX. While Boeing wanted senior pilots to try the software, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wanted the software to be tested by less experienced pilots.

After the 737 MAX crisis forced Boeing to cut its monthly production rate from 52 to 42 aircraft, the planemaker now announced it will return to its former 52-planes-per-month rate by February 2020.

Mexican Aviation and Aerospace

A State of Mexico judge suspended SEMARNAT’s authorization for the construction of the Santa Lucia International Airport, quoting that the authorization itself acknowledged construction would damage the ecosystem.

COFECE fined ASUR with MX$72.5 million (US$3.6 million) for engaging in monopolistic practices.

FEMIA reports that Mexico’s aerospace industry has grown at a 15 percent rate for the past 25 years and reached a total of US$9.3 billion in exports.

AICM will speed up the tender for the construction of part of Terminal 2. However, the airport announced that the winner will receive a 20 percent down payment instead of the previously stated 40 percent. 

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