South America is set to become better connected with new flights connections with both Mexico and the US.

WTO’s decision to allow the US to impose tariffs will not be without consequences as the EU seeks to fight back with even harder demands.

In Mexico, uncertainty remains regarding the suspended Texcoco NAIM project and the proposed new Santa Lucia airport.

Ready for take-off? Here are the week’s main headlines:

New Flight Announcements

Low-cost airlines have experienced significant expansion in the Mexican market.

Interjet is entering the Ecuadorian market with three new flights.

American Airlines is opening new flights to South American destinations in 2020.

Latam keeps deals with Delta as it leaves OneWorld.

US-EU Tensions

The EU prepares a counterstrike after the WTO allowed the US to slap tariffs on the EU aviation sector.

Delta has called for a trade deal between the US and EU.

Blooming Innovation

Chinese company Ehang is planning to give the public access to its air mobility services.

BAE systems is moving towards electrification in aviation.

Mexican Airports

The Head of COPARMEX states there can be enough private investors to re-initiate NAIM.

Businesses in the State of Mexico have urged works for the expansion of Toluca airport to start.

Hearings for Santa Lucia airport have been suspended.

Various protests have risen by locals against plans for the Santa Lucia Airport.

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