Last week, Mexican authorities granted permission to Emirates for a flight that will connect Dubai to Mexico City via Barcelona. Local airlines, however, were not pleased with the decision as the airline receives subsides from United Arab Emirates. Preliminary studies for the construction for a third terminal at Mexico City’s international Airport (AICM) will come with a MX$700 million (US$36.8 million) price tag. Interjet won the dubious title of being the Mexican airline with more cancelled flights at AICM.

Image by Olga Ozik from Pixabay

In international news, the two 737 Max crashes will cost Boeing US$4.9 billion in 2Q19. The OEM also pledged US$50 million to the families of the victims.

Now, jump into last week’s highlights:

AICM requested almost MX$700 million (US$36.9 million) from the Treasury to perform viability studies for a third terminal.

Emirates launches a Dubai-Mexico City flight with two Boeing 777-200RL. The flight will make one stop at Barcelona as the high altitude of Mexico City’s airport makes a non-stop flight impossible.

Mexican airlines condemned the government’s decision to let Emirates fly to Mexico City, citing that the Dubai-based airline is subsidized by United Arab Emirates.

A report indicates Interjet canceled 3,395 flights at AICM in 2018, which translates to roughly nine cancelled flights per day.

The global drone market, currently valued at US$4.9 billion, is expected to nearly triple over the next decade to US$14.3 billion.

Boeing announced a direct donation of US$50 million to the families of the victims of the two 737 Max crashes. The OEM had previously announced a US$100 billion donation to local governments and non-profits, which was not well received by some of those families who stated the plan was not transparent.

Boeing’s 737 Max groundings across the globe are expected to cost the OEM US$4.9 billion in 2Q19.

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