This week could have ended in tragedy if not for the quick actions of two pilots who are being hailed as heroes for safely landing after a collision with a flock of gulls damaged the airplane’s engines.

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In other international news, Boeing’s 737 Max crisis is still going strong. The company is learning that poor leadership leads to crashes. Crashes lead to groundings and these lead to cancellations. The planemaker might have to cancel its plans for a new mid-size airplane. This problem further complicates Boeing’s future as the company stitched four months without orders for the 737 Max and was forced to delay the launch of a new long-haul jet.

In Mexico, delays continue to hound Santa Lucia International Airport, Aeroméxico fights to stop the entrance of Emirates Airlines into the country, FAMEX moves to new location and Toluca International Airport salutes a new owner.  

Now, jump into last week’s highlights:

A Russian plane made a safe emergency landing in a cornfield after a collision with a flock of gulls damaged the plane’s engines. The two Russian pilots are being hailed as heroes for saving the lives of the 233 people aboard.

Mexican Aviation and Aerospace

A Mexican federal judge put a stop to the construction of Santa Lucia International Airport until a previous lawsuit concerning the cancellation of NAIM is settled.

Aeroméxico continues to fight against the entrance of Emirates Airlines to Mexico. Mexico’s flagship airline asked its collaborators to protect Mexico’s skies through an internal letter disclosed by El Financiero.

Mexico’s government will begin negotiations to buy 49 percent of the Toluca International Airport, which currently belongs to the company Aleatica.

The biannual Mexico Aerospace Fair (FAMEX), recognized as the major aerospace event in Latin America, moves from Santa Lucia to Queretaro for its third edition.

Boeing Swamped in Delays

Boeing delays deliveries of a new ultra-long-range version of the 777X due to engine issues.

The planemaker reported no orders for its 737 Max in July, stitching four months in a row of no new orders for what was once the company’s fastest selling aircraft.

Moreover, the crisis may halt the company’s plan for a new mid-size airplane, the 797, according to analysts.

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