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Last week, the Mexican aviation industry gathered in Toluca, State of Mexico, for the sixth edition of AeroExpo. Meanwhile, an airport group issued MX$3 billion (US$160 million) in debt to finance its airports’ remodeling and expansion and the Santa Lucia Military Base began its redesign to become a civil-military airport.

In the aerospace sector, Boeing and SpaceX were warned of potential safety concerns that might delay future manned expeditions to the International Space Station, a Brazilian court dismissed a lawsuit that prevented Boeing’s acquisition of Embraer and FEMIA signed a collaboration agreement with France.

Now fasten your seatbelt and get ready for take-off. Here are last week’s highlights!



The Toluca International Airport hosted the sixth edition of AeroExpo, an event that brought together 130 service providers for the aviation industry.

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) issued debt for MX$3 billion (US$160 million) to finance the expansion of its airports.

Santa Lucia Military Base has officially started its transformation into a civil-military airport with the design of a new runway and terminal, said Undersecretary of Communications and Transport Carlos Morán.



NASA warned SpaceX and Boeing of safety concerns in their astronaut launch systems. Concerns are expected to cause further delays to the US’s space program.

Queretaro’s aerospace industry is expected to require US$37.3 million in supplies during 2019, a 32.1 percent increase in comparison to 2018.

FEMIA signs a collaboration agreement with the Mexico-France Commerce Chamber to strengthen collaboration between countries in favor of the aerospace industry.

Brazilian court dismisses lawsuit filed by minority stakeholders preventing Boeing’s acquisition of Embraer.

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