In Mexico, airport groups OMA, GAP and ASUR reported growth in their operating flows during 2Q19. The Ministry of Communications and Transport said low-cost Mexican airlines have shown interest to operate at the Santa Lucia International Airport. Also, an alliance between Mexican DGAC and EU’s EASA aims to strengthen the local aerospace sector.

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International news still focus on the aftermath of the two Boeing 737 Max crashes caused by a failure in the company’s MCAS software. The accidents led to the grounding off this aircraft across the globe with no clear indication of when the ban will be lifted. Last week rating agencies released warnings to investors that caused Boeing’s shares to suffer the biggest loss in history. The crisis might even put a stop to the production of the 737 Max and is causing headaches for airlines that normally use this aircraft. 

Now, jump into last week’s highlights:

Mexico’s airport groups announced positive operating flows during 2Q19. ASUR reported 16.3 percent growth in EBITDA, GAP a 13.2 percent growth and OMA a 22.4 percent growth.

Mexico’s low-cost airlines Viva Aerobus and Volaris have shown interest in operating at Santa Lucia International Airport, said Carlos Morán, Deputy Minister of Transportation at the Ministry of Communications and Transport.

DGAC allied with EASA to increase safety in air operations in Mexico and strengthen the local aerospace industry.

Boeing’s Woes Continue

The grounding of all Boeing 737 Max across the globe has put its manufacturer in a precarious position as it reported it had its biggest loss in history during 2Q19.

The planemarker’s shares fell as rating agencies Moody’s and Fitch Ratings released warnings that the groundings could last longer than expected.

Losses have led Boeing to reevaluate its production plans, with CEO Dennis Muilenburg stating the situation might lead to “a temporary shutdown of the Max production.

Boeing 737 Max groundings have also hit profit expectations of many airlines, which were forced to cancel several flights while authorities deem the airplane safe to fly again.

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