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Mexico’s aviation sector had a positive 2018, with ASA reporting a 4.6 percent increase in jet-fuel sales and the General Direction of Civil Aviation (DGAC) reporting a 7.5 percent growth in passenger traffic. The National Chamber of Air Transport appointed a new president for the next three years. In other news, AMLO announced the auction of 76 government-owned aircraft.

In the aerospace sector, Boeing celebrates record-breaking sales surpassing the US$100-billion mark for the first time in history. Airbus faced an unauthorized data breach that put its employees’ information in danger. The French OEM is also analyzing the future of its signature airplane, the A380, after Emirates considering switching to another aircraft.

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Mexican Aviation

Mexico’s passenger traffic grew by 7.5 percent in 2018. However, this rate suggests deceleration in the sector compared to the 10.2 percent registered in 2017 and the 11 percent of 2016.

Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA) reported a 4.6 percent increase in jet-fuel sales during 2018. Over a third of that fuel (38.1 percent) went to Mexico City.

AMLO will auction 76 government-owned airplanes and helicopters. Proceeds will be used to fund the creation of a National Guard.

The National Chamber of Air Transport (CANAERO) appointed a new president: Alejandro Alonso Olivares, who will replace Sergio Allard.



Boeing sales reached US$101 billion in 2018, its highest sales figure in history. The OEM expects an even better 2019.

Airbus faced data breach that put all IT identification details of its employees at risk. The company says the breach will not affect its commercial operations.

The future of the largest commercial plane in the world, the Airbus A380, is now uncertain as Emirates Airlines analyzes a switch to the A350.

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