A low price does not necessarily mean that a flight or service is lower quality. In the case of airlines, it may mean that the company simply wants to “gain more market share for a specific route,” says Oscar Frías, the CEO of flight and hotel search site Trabber. It may, however, mean that on-board services or extra benefits are limited. Shown below are the 10 cheapest airlines by percent of searches that choose them to be the lowest-cost option.

VivaAerobus  –  47.9

Volaris  –  42.1

AeroMéxico  –  25.5

Spirit Airlines  –  24.2

Evelop  –  23.9

Avianca  –  19.4

Interjet  –  18.2

Condor  –  14.7

Copa  –  14.3

JetBlue  –  13.2

The most popular destinations searched for on Trabber are Mexico City, Tijuana, Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Los Angeles, Madrid, La Havana.

Trabber also reported flight search trends for those traveling between Mexico and the US, in both directions. Thanks to the US President, air travel between the two countries increased in 2017. Searches from the US to Mexico rose 27 percent, and 15 percent from Mexico to the US since Trump took office.

Data sources: El Universal

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