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Exclusive interview with Oscar Lambert, Vice President Mexico & Central America, Energy Business of Schneider Electric.

Q: What main energy and automation trends do you perceive in Mexican industry?

A: Schneider Electric is perceiving in the integration of solutions that allows manufacturers to execute their sustainability strategies in Mexico. We are contributing to the transformation of facilities into smarter factories, having identified a need to develop adequate IT strategies to increase capacity for Data Processing, Storage and Communications. An increase in connectivity will reduce the need for technicians to perform diagnostics and many problems will be solved remotely. Based on these trends, Schneider Electric is developing end-to-end solutions to help our customers face their challenges successfully.

Q: How important is Mexico in Schneider Electric’s global strategy?Image result for schneider electric

A: Mexico is among the top priority countries worldwide for Schneider Electric. The country has a very important manufacturing footprint for us in North America. We now have twelve manufacturing plants in the country that export mostly to the US and Canada and employ over 9,000 individuals. Mexico is becoming increasingly attractive thanks to the Energy Reform and our experience from working in over 100 countries will help us to advise clients as they navigate changes brought about by this reform.

Q: How can Schneider Electric help companies reach their sustainable practice goals?

A: A large company with an annual energy bill in excess of US$1 billion, with several facilities, not to mention their supply chain footprint, have a substantial impact on all sustainability topics. We offer these companies the opportunity to save up to 30 percent on their electricity bill. These savings go beyond monetary costs since they also reduce the environmental impact. Our solutions also limit blackouts which can severely damage productivity.

Schneider Electric can help customers to achieve most of their sustainability goals and make production more eco-friendly with specific solutions like WAGES metering and Data Collection Solutions, Facility Energy and Building Management Solutions, Renewable Energy Solutions just to mention some. Building a smart ecosystem of Schneider Electric Sustainability solutions can save companies up to 30 percent depending on the company.

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