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Exclusive interview excerpt from our interview with Alexandr Slouka & Nora Guerra, CEO & President of Omni-X

Q: What was behind Omni-X’s decision to come to Mexico?

NG: We opened our Mexican facility in 2012 as we had a strong market in the country, which we were supplying through the US. However, we realized that we were not providing our usual quality customer service from afar, and being near our customers is of the utmost importance for Omni-X as our close collaboration with them differentiates us. Furthermore, we analyzed the Mexican market and realized that it was large enough to justify opening an office here.

From our offices in Queretaro we are currently taking care of our market in Mexico and Latin America. Omni-X’s offices in the state are still growing and I am certain that as we continue to do so, as the capacity of these offices will not be sufficient, making it necessary for us to open new facilities in Brazil and Argentina.

Omni-X US Manufacturing Facility. Source: Omni-X.

Omni-X US Manufacturing Facility. Source: Omni-X.

Q: Why did Omni-X choose Queretaro over another cluster closer to the northern border?

AS: We found Queretaro to be one of the nicest places to live in all of Mexico and the state is home to a strong automotive sector in addition to its large aerospace industry. The government is also providing incentives for large OEMs, such as Airbus and Boeing, which is translating to more opportunities for all companies in the supply chain and eventually for us. What all companies need from the government is to provide good infrastructure in the shape of roads.

Q: What is Omni-X’s value proposition for the local aerospace industry?

NG: Omni-X makes bending tools and it has two different main brands, one for automotive and another for aerospace, the latter incorporates extremely high quality standards. We are worldwide leaders in bending tools due to our high quality products, which are designed to provide tight tolerance that the aerospace industry needs. We also have an engineering division, which has designed special bending tools for this industry. Our plant in Queretaro is still rather small thus most of our design and engineering operations are performed at the other facilities, but these facilities are highly committed to developing specific tools for the aerospace sector.

Omni-X Mexico Manufacturing Facility. Source: Omni-X.

Omni-X Mexico Manufacturing Facility. Source: Omni-X.

Q: With which companies is Omni-X currently working and how did you reach these collaborations?

AS: Omni-X is managing R&D operations with a few OEMs but our main clients are Tier 1 and 2 suppliers. On few occasions we work directly with Boeing, Bombardier, or Embraer. While Embraer does most of its production by itself, Airbus and Boeing do rely on other companies for much of their manufacturing. From Mexico we are exporting mostly to Brazil and Argentina, although we do have some sporadic operations in Colombia. These companies discovered us through the internet or through international shows, such as one we attended in Chicago. Nonetheless, at this point we are concentrating on the Mexican market, thus only 5-10% of our products are exports.





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