Boom Aircraft. Source: Boom Technology.

Boom Aircraft. Source: Boom Technology.

Aeroméxico beats Volaris in lowering tariffs.

Mexican airlines are ingenuously cramming more seats in their aircraft to maximize profits. For users, this means cheaper and more uncomfortable flights.

Airbus announces in increase in its production capacity in Mexico.

Interjet made headlines by losing a dog. Happily, they found her.



A horrible tragedy struck the soccer world last Monday, as a flight caring the Chapecoense soccer team, trainers and reporters fell in Colombia killing 75 people.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) rules Boeing’s tax breaks for the 777X unlawful.

Lufhtansa’s strike problems continue, it now had to cancel 1,700 flights.

Supersonic aircraft is coming back. Bloomber asks: will the airlines buy it?

Bombardier sees engine delivery issues overcome by end of 2017.

Airlines swim in cash but leave airport workers high and dry: report.

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