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Stakes were high as the public consultation expected to define the future of NAIM was carried out from Thursday to Sunday. Santa Lucia beat Texcoco with more than 69.95 percent of all votes. President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador will announce the results today at 10:00 am. About 1.89 percent of the electoral register took part in the consultation (1.07 million citizens). Nuevo Leon was the only state where the Texcoco option triumphed.

As the consultation approached, companies, public dependencies and organizations related to the aviation industry expressed their stances on the best solution to AICM’s saturation. High-profile executives from CANAERO, OECD, GACM and COFECE expressed their support for the Texcoco option, criticized the AICM-Santa Lucia option and warned about the impact that canceling the construction of NAIM in Texcoco could have. NavBlue, a subsidiary of Airbus focused on consultancy services, delivered a study to incoming Minister of Communications and Transport Javier Jiménez Espriú that confirms the feasibility of operating AICM and a new airport in Santa Lucia simultaneously.

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The NAIM Public Consultation

NAIM Public Consultation shoots down the Texcoco option. The construction of NAIM there will be cancelled and two new airstrips will be built in Santa Lucia.

42.6 percent of the respondents of a poll conducted by Consulta Mitofsky support keeping NAIM in Texcoco compared to 29.8 percent who prefer the Santa Lucia option.

The public consultation on NAIM started on Thursday and ended on Sunday. More than 184,154 Mexican citizens voted on the first day. Rodrigo Pérez-Alonso, Director of CANAERO said the AICM-Santa Lucia solution is only a short-term option for AICM’s saturation.

Carlos Slim said regardless of the consultation’s results on NAIM’s location, the airport should be operated by the private sector and proposed foreign financing at low interest rates.

Federico Patiño, Director General of GACM, said if the construction of NAIM in Texcoco is canceled, the new administration will have to consider a budget of MX$120 billion for compensation payments.

NavBlue, a subsidiary of Airbus, delivered a study that confirms the possible simultaneous operation of AICM and an airport in Santa Lucia to Jiménez Espriú.

Ángel Gurría, Secretary General of the OECD, believes the construction of NAIM should continue and pointed out that its cancellation would impact the markets.

Alejandra Palacios, President of COFECE, said she would vote in favor of keeping NAIM in Texcoco so that Mexico has a true airport hub.

US airline association Airlines for America expressed its support for keeping NAIM in Texcoco in a letter sent to President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Supporting AICM’s operations

On November 19, AICM will turn 66 while working at maximum capacity.

The state government of Queretaro will collaborate with the new federal administration to support AICM from AIQ.

Global Aerospace Thrust

GE presented the initial design of the Affinity supersonic jet engines that will power Aerion AS2.

Volocopter will start test flights of its electric air taxis in Singapore in 2H19.

Embraer’s KC-390 military transport aircraft has received Brazil’s type certification.

CFM International delivered 303 Leap engines in 3Q18 over 110 in the same period of 2017. The company has kept its annual delivery target.

Boeing reached revenues of US$24.1 billion in 3Q18 thanks in part to the defense contracts it was awarded.

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