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Exclusive interview with Sergio Mancinas, Director of FabLab Chihuahua.

Q: What are FabLab’s capabilities and who are the lab’s main aerospace clients?

A: Our equipment includes a ROMER Absolute Arm, which is a portable measuring arm that permits 3-D visualization and modeling, point cloud inspection and reverse engineering, allowing us to provide a comprehensive range of metrology services. We also have a high-speed LVD Pullmax 520 press that can cut aluminum, steel and stainless steel sheets up to 6mm thick at a velocity of 128m/min. This unit manages a series of complex operations. The lab also has an LVD Bending Machine, which has a laser that automatically corrects angle and calculates spin and the necessary pressure to bend any material. Finally, we have a vertically integrated machining center, the DMU 50 Ecoline, which machines five faces of a piece without moving it.

We offer engineering, design and product development services, digitalization of files in 2-D and 3-D, specialized technical assistance and design support during product configuration changes. We have designed several tools for the aerospace industry including high-precision tools used to attach an airplane’s tail. These pieces are installed with a laser tracker and therefore must be extremely precise. Our clients range from small companies to large companies such as Zodiac Aerospace, Fokker, TIGHITCO, Soisa and Kaman Aerospace. FabLab also is developing a new project with Lisi Aerospace for torsion tubes.

ROMER Absolute Arm. Source: Direct Industry.

Q: What are the main problems aerospace companies face and how have you helped to solve them?

A: A significant problem faced by companies transferring to the aerospace industry from other areas is to acquire the necessary certifications, which requires several tool upgrades and comprehensive documentation. We also faced a similar problem and now we are supporting companies to generate this documentation as well as providing them with alternative solutions. Our experience in the aerospace industry allows us to identify client needs and even to solve problems they did not know they had. Our clients can be confident that products will be manufactured perfectly to their specifications.

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