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Exclusive interview excerpt with Juan Carlos Corral, Director General of ITP Mexico. 

Q: How has ITP evolved since its introduction to the Mexican market?

A: ITP came to Mexico in 1998 by acquiring a stake in Industria de Turbo Reactores (ITR) alongside Mexicana and Aeroméxico, subsequently acquiring these two airlines’ shares in 2006. We were the first aeronautical company in Queretaro, and were followed by Bombardier, Airbus Helicopters, Safran, and Aernnova.

At this point we have 654 employees divided into three different companies. The first and largest is ITP Ingeniería y Fabricación, which designs and manufactures engine casings and seals and has 339 employees. The second is Industria de Tuberías Aeronáuticas México (ITAM) which manufactures engine tubes and has 212 employees, and finally our MRO. All our facilities have certified processes by NADCAP and have received numerous prizes for competitiveness, technology, and quality. Now, ITP’s Mexico branch is the second largest after Spain. We have smaller offices in the UK, the US, India, and Malta. Our main challenge now relates to having the necessary professionals.

Source: ITP.

Source: ITP.

Q: Which companies are the targets of ITP’s main design and manufacturing capabilities?

A: Our engineering business designs parts for engine modules (low pressure turbines and compressors). It also designs the structure between turbines. Among our main projects is the transportation trailer used to install the Airbus A400M engine. This unit is used by France, the UK, and Spain for the A400M and it is fully manufactured in Mexico. Our main clients for our design business are Eurocopter, Hamilton Sundstrand, Honeywell, Aernnova, Alstom, and Rolls-Royce. We also repair Auxiliary Power Units (APU) and repair components of the CFM56 engine, for which we also perform tests.

Source: ITP.

Source: ITP.

Q: How have your manufacturing capabilities developed in the past few years?

A: We are planning to manufacture 230,000 rigid engine and aircraft pipes this year, to move from one of the top producers for pipes in America to number one in the world. Two years ago we manufactured 5,000 end fittings, last year we produced 61,000, and this year we will manufacture 82,000. In two years we want to reach 500,000 tubes and from 200,000 to 300,000 end fittings per year. The main problem to solve in order to achieve these goals is hiring enough qualified professionals. We have a very qualified labor base as 39% of our employees are engineers.

Source: ITP.

Source: ITP.

Q: In what ways does ITP plan to fortify its MRO services in Mexico?

A: At this point we only provide MRO Services for the JT8D engine. Our MRO services for other engines are not located in Mexico. While the local MRO division is reducing its services we are developing several projects to complement it. For instance, we are planning to work with other companies in countries operating the JTD engines until we are ready to start another program.The JT8D program will last anywhere from four to ten years depending on the  fleets’ phase out.
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